The Three Quotes!! #1

(This is the first installment of my just another project,The Three Quotes.I’ll be posting,occasionally though,some quotes right from my life experiences and reflections.I hope you will be able to relate to them!)

1)”Sometimes it takes years to come out of a moment,and once that’s done life comes to life again!”

2)”When they ask me about time,I reply:

It is now past now,,,And now to now.It is quarter past now,,,It is quarter to now…Well,it is now!

Isn’t it a good way to tell them!!”

3)”Sometimes we feel we are independent and we need no one or nothing to sustain us,but have you ever seen a wheel saying that between two consecutive taps.Had it thought it this way,it would’ve never kept spinning,thus never served the purpose of it’s existence!”

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Aojhal Junaid

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Random Clicks!!

  • It was March 2017,and winter in Kashmir was over,but suddenly it started to snow again.When I woke up I saw this,and with sleepy eyes got it’s closer look for you!

  • It was captured by my 8 MP camera!

  • This is the best my cameras ever captured.Imagine a chilly winter morning when snow had just stopped to fall,and I left with Kangri under my Feran to the fields nearby.Almost three feet snow,and I waded through it to take this one.

  • The bluish tinge is a natural one,as it was almost minus temperature outside.I helped myself to get as closer as possible to get a perfect shot.It was taken by 8 MP camera!

  • This one is of paddy field,just the day after plantation in June 2016.It was taken just when the sun was set for it’s closing ceremony,as the reflections in water suggest!

  • It was captured by 8 MP camera!

  • The hands in the picture are of my younger brother,Khubaib,who almost touched the sky that day!

  • It reflects the aspirations beyond the constraints of time and resources.

  • Again it is a shot from 8 MP camera,taken just before the sunset that day!!

  • This just may not be the best of peocock images,but I rate it quite high.The reason is that it was taken from a 5 MP camera,and that too 6 years back,when I had just become a proud owner of my first smart phone!

  • It was taken in Jammu Zoo,in the winters of that year.I had got to see a peacock for the first time,then!

(Well,I don’t have luxury of a good camera,but I am happy with what I have!!)

  • Yes,it is me,Aojhal Junaid,and I won’t say that I took this pic!!

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Aojhal Junaid

The Warrior!!

These swords are now blunt
And blood on them turned brown
My shield can’t protect me
And pierced is my gown!!

My arms are feeble
And eyes can’t see
That old lone warrior
I may now never be!

My days are dark
And nights so dull
My words are lame
And my lips lull!

What has brought me here?
To this state of life
I didn’t see my enemy for ages
And never did brush my knife!

I can’t survive this idle
I am a warrior I need war
I can’t be quiet when I can’t
I have come far,very far!

I am the same if you just know
Give me my enemy I will be me
My assaults you won’t survive
I’ll win,and just let it be!

I have to fix some holes though
Yes,my arms need a smithery
My eyes need some more light
Then I’ll give you misery!

Forlorn from wars may be I
But I haven’t forgotten how to fight
My day has come,my enemy
I always had that higher flight!

Don’t think I have given up
And forgiven my enemy
War has begun,war is now
If it is war,then let it be!!


Written By:

Aojhal Junaid 

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A Day Back In School!!

(​(This one is dedicated to all Eff Emmians.Well,this post revolves around my batch (Batch 2012 Class 10th),but anyone can relate to it,anyways!,))

Yes,You’ve No Right Over Others,But What If They’ve Been A Part Of Your Life,It’s Content,It’s Agenda!!

Sometimes,All Of A Sudden You Are Pricked In The Remotest Corners Of Your Heart,And What Follows Is A Series Of Abstract Events,We Call,Memories!

Memories Are Often Attributed With Something Really Pleasant,And That Has To Be The Spirit Counted.Back A Couple Of Years And We Were A Family Of 91 Students,I Recall!

Boys And Girls,Together,Waiting For Bashir Sir To Come…

Hey What!

It Is A Big Hall In The Upper Storey,But It Is Just Half-Filled Only To Let Some Of The Boys Play An Extra-Ordinary Type Of Cricket,,,Yes,Hitting A Knotted Duster,With Some Fine Plank Of Wood,Very Often A Part Of Wooden Bench,Or That Ugly Chair!!

I Remember Aadil,Khawar,Burhan,Murtaza,Arbaz,,,And Others,Including Me,Caught In The Act…


A Team Of Wrestlers Has Arrived!!

Faizan Majeed,Tawqeer,Waseem,Wamiq And Co. Are Just Repeating What The Initially Mentioned Has Seen,Yesterday,In WWE Wrestlemania!!


Just In The Adjacent Room,Sweetest Of Voices,Ever Heard,Can Be Felt In Beautiful Echo…

Who Is It!!

Yes,Wamiq…You Were The Most Melodious Singer!!

I,Personally,Can Be Thought Sitting In An Isolated Chair,Writing Ghazals,And Singing Them All To Myself…Oh!!

I Have A Reason To Smile,Because Zahid Sultan Is Teasing Shahid,And The Later Is So Shy To Reply…


Sisters Are In Their Own World,The Philosophy Of Which I Never Tried To Explore…

The Mighty Window Panes Can Be Seen Guarded By Samiullah,Faisal,Fayouz And Co. Who Often Debated Some Very Serious Issues!!


Bashir Sir,A Young Man Of 65,Can Be Seen Swiftly Wading Into The Class,And All Of A Sudden Everyone Is Back To The Seat,Closely Placed Near That Group-Leader…

If You Say,Sir Is Smiling,,,Then You Are So Well With Your Eyes…

He Opens His Suitcase,A Gigantic Geometry Box,And Carefully Fills His Marker With Blackest Of All Inks…

He Amazes You With Every Move,And That’s Talent And Experience,Conglomerate…

Wait,He Is Pointing Towards Someone!!

And What Will Follow Has To Be The Most Precise Slap In The World,Which Is As Musical As Are The Compositions Of AR.Rahman…


The Class Is Over,And Here Enters Our Shabir Sir,The History Teacher…

He Is Such A Lovely Guy,Often Didactic In His Teaching…

But,If It Is Any Example,Then It Has To Be His Village,The Centre Of That Event…


Class Over,And In That Stripped T-Shirt,Which Is White On Other Days,Comes My English Teacher,Javaid Sir,,,

Hey,A Couple Of Students Have Already Fled Away!

They’ll Come,But After 40 Minutes,,,

As The Class Progresses,I Can Feel My Classmates Done With Their Energy,,,Many Of Them Are Sleeping,Some Even Snoring,,,And Rest,Except Me,In The Flight Mode-Sleeping With Open Eyes…


When It Is Notes Time,I Can Hear Faisal Saying,”Sir Chu Aasan Dictionary Manz Sarevei Khout Sakh Word Cshadaan,Patei Chu Leakhaan Sentence…”


Well,Next Class Is Biology,Tawseef Sir Will Cut Some Jokes,And Give A Perfectly Planned Lecture,Only To Get Feedback As “Sir Chu Higher Padnaawan…”



Lunch Break!!


Everyone Has That Brown-Sheeted Urdu Copy In His Hand Memorizing Something Like Dastaan,Ghazal,Afsaana,Munshi Prem Chand,Deputy Nazir Etc



Sher Manzoor Ahmed Shahbaadi,The Urdu Teacher,Comes And It Is Like…

(Sher Sir,Aasif Sir,Rasheed Sir,Tawseef Sir,Aashiq Sir,???,Parvaiz Sir)

Sir : Fayouz! “Kya Chuth Yaad Kourmut??”

Fayouz: Sir,”Afsaana!”


Sir: “Adei Boznaw Teli Nawlei Hund Doyim Para!!”


Fayouz : Taiee!!



And Then Sir Will Pick Up His Regular Customers,And Make Some Hilarious Comments!!


It Is The Last Class,And Mukhtar Sir Comes,Takes Up A Topic,Reaches It’s Climax And Then Says “Leave It Aside…”



The Day Has Come To An End,And The Students Of Bus Number 5 And 7 Would Be Called First…Followed By Locals…

I’ll Leave With Knowledge In My Bag,And Memories In My Heart And A Belief Somewhere In The Middle That Tomorrow I’ll Be Back In My Family…



That Was A Re-Lived School Day…

I Hope You Enjoyed…

Without Much More Adjustable Additions,I Wind It Up Like I Did It On That Farewell Day…

Tears In The Eyes,And Lips Trembling To Utter-


Kisi Goshayay Chaman Mai… —


(Members of flying squad…they came during exam days!…G R Sir,Parvaiz Sir,Nazir Sir And G H Dar Sir)

(Parvaiz Sir,Aashiq Sir,The Man Himself Nazir Ahmed Kuchay Sir,???,G H Dar Sir)

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Aojhal Junaid 

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Translating Allama Iqbal!!

(These are few lines from Baang e Dara,Sir Mohammad Iqbal’s work.Here I present a translation of it,in simplest expressions possible)

Daleel-e-Subh-e-Roshan Hai Sitaaru’n Ki TunakTaabi…


Ufaq Say Aaftaab Ubhra Gaya Dour-e-Giraa’n Khwaabi…


(Enough Is The Dimness Of Stars,

The Proof Of A Bright Day.

Revelation Of Sun At The Horizon,

And The Era Of Deep Slumbers Has Fled Away!!)


Musalmaa’n Ko Musalmaa’n Kar Diya Tuufaan-e-Maghrib Nay…


Talaatum Haaiy-e-Darya He Say Hai Gohar Ki Saeyrabii!!


(It Made Muslims The Muslims,

The Storms Of The West.

And In The Undulating Waves Of The Waters

Is The Abundance Of Pearls The Best!!)


Hazaaru’n Saal Nargis Apni BayNuuri Pay Roti Hai,,,


Badi Mushkil Say Hota Hai Chaman Mai DeedahWar Paiyda!


(For Thousands Of Years Does She Weep,

The Nargis Devoid Of Charm And Light!

Her Trails,Wails And Struggle,

Hence Is Born The One Worth Sight!!)


Nawa Paira Ho Ay Bulbul Ki Ho Teray Tarannum Say,


Kabuutar Kay Tann-e-Nazuk Mai Shaheen Ka Jigar Paiyda!!

(Burst Into Your Medley,You Nightingale,,,

Your Melody In Every Blink On

May Induce In This Dove,

The Heart Of My Royal Falcon!!)

Original Work:

(Allama)Dr Sir Mohammad Iqbal

Translation By:

Aojhal Junaid 

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Harry Potter And People Around!!

(This is Harry Potter time here.This post is a shorter and readable version of ‘relation with Harry Potter series’,fired at audience who wished to study at Hogwarts,but just couldn’t,for the wall on the railway station was never that cosy!!)

(What Harry and Dumbledore with Lestrange and Voldemort!!

Harry,!We never thought you would do this to us!!)


Here we go!!
We all had that feeling of being Harry Potter somewhere down the lane.Our wish to own his smile,innocence and of course that magical wand is a collective fantasy of us,all.We don’t see many Harry Potters around.People aren’t that smart,charismatic or at least true and sympathetic as he is.The Harry Potters around are a cheat.Their false smiles and manufactured innocence erodes away,once the times of test arrive at doors!

Well,you do wish to have a Hermoine Granger around,or be one.When we see Hermoine Grangers around,it is obvious to feel envious or jealous.’How the hell can you…?’ type of feeling comes at that time.Like how the hell can you appear in all classes and don’t even feel to bunk a class,and still be so pretty?…How the hell you remember all those formulae and procedures,when you were with me all the time,all this week? How the hell did you break the rule,you just taught to obey other day?…Well,we don’t have many Hermoines around,but the ones there are enough actually!!

You want a sidekick,you want Ron Weasley around.There are many Ron Weasleys around,clueless and faithful,I say.They don’t study much,neither do they want to think about it.They just need you around,even if you take them into hell called library or adventures of forbidden forests!…They are like typical Kashmiri….’Hayyy Boiiii…..Hayyy Boiii….’type of people.They make things good,and happy go!!

Well,you do feel like Hermoine should have been made for Harry,not Ron,but I am not in a state to add more to it,though!!

No,it is hard to have Dumbledores around.A grandfatherly sort of figure,witty and religious.I think he maybe loosely related to a pious Peer Soub type of person-a guide,a sage.But I do fear to add to his character,for we have Gulzar Peers around!!

Now,if you are in a college or school,then Proffessor Severes Snape has to be there to confuse you and feel like ‘Yi Cha Meaii Vuchan,Kineh Govv!!’type of a thing.He will be spotted with your “enemy teachers and mates”taking selfies,but next moment he will tell you his own tale.It is hard to know about them,whom are they inclined to,and what they actually mean by their smile.Is it a sign of love,or a masked grin?…Also,these people won’t ever spot you when you would come out of ‘Masjid’,but will be omnipresent to catch you at the other ‘bad avenues’ you occasionally visit!!…They are what they just aren’t!

Well,We wish we had Hagrids around,life would be better actually.Those fat ,but cute,uncles ,usually jobless and unmarried,around would make Hagrids.They come down to your age and fail not to talk mature.You wish they had more organised beard and hair,and change their ‘Feran’ or coat,but they just wont.They are beautiful the way they are,and they do console you best,when you get lower marks in your tests!!

Wooh!There are so many of them,Draco Malfoys.Your evil competitors.No word of guidance can set them right,and no ‘Waaz Khwaan’ will bring them to tears.They are just composed of hate and arrogance.Sometimes you feel,they are accidentally in 46 chromosome category.They are a different,wicked species!You can’t avoid them,actually,and that is the problem!!

You are in a school or college, and you have Proffessor Lockhart there.Irritating man,with false stories…You feel like,”Khudaya Reham….Yi Kya Wanan?”In his 45 minutes of class,he talks about his childhood adventures,and stunts on social networking sites,or maybe his association with some celebrity.What hurts you more is that he has got a following,a large one!!

There is always someone you lost in life or just lost correspondence to.There is always a friend like that,for there is always Cedric Diggory!

(Well,there are many other characters I wish to relate here,but I need to know if my audience feel like reading that stuff.I will be more than pleased to see your comment down here,or under the link on Facebook or elsewhere!!)

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Aojhal Junaid

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A Haunting Episode!!

15 years have passed since then,but it is haunting as if it was just the other night!!

It was the final day of Ramadhan,and the family was all up at the dining mat to witness the last Sehrii of that blessed month.I wasn’t given a chance to feature in this pre-dawn meal,for this five year old could hardly survive but a half day.I don’t remember what I could have been dreaming then,but it came to a halt when a bullet pierced the wood of that window and reflected back after hitting the wall other side.I woke up,and my mother came rushing to the room I was in,and took me in her arms for an encounter had begun,and cross firing started.

We were all terrified by this sudden change of events.The frequency of bullet shots increased and it was getting hard to bear it then.The family started guessing about the target house of these bullets,while hiding beneath the staircase,for that was the safest corner of our newly built house.As the dawn faded into a dim morning,and gun shots slowed down a bit,we were astonished to realize that all these bullets were aimed at us!!

Yes,the whole village was cordoned and militants were suspected to be in our house.As the December sun ascended skies,speakers of the local Masjid barked aloud,ordering the villagers to leave their houses and assemble at some place away from the encounter site.I remember it was a terrible morning,which I thought to be adventurous.The local youth were forcibly hired to make a search party,and the ‘valiant’ forces used them as a bait whenever they entered a new house.We were taken away from our home,for a ‘special treatment’,and I remember how we all were, men ,women and children alike,made to parade in front of eager mititary personnel.I recall my aunt,who had a 5 day old baby in her lap,pleading to army men when they beat his husband,my uncle,to pulp.It was a day of horror.My grandfather wasn’t spared even.They choked him by putting a sweater down his throat.He just survived.

As the sun made it’s decending journey, more and more ‘defence officials’ reached the spot to kill a bunch of rebels,hiding in my ‘Laal Makan'(They called it so,because it was painted red)

After a day long search,the cordon was called off,and the mission was declared a failure,for they couldn’t find any rebels anywhere.How could have they found them,when they just didn’t exist?

We were allowed to return to our homes,but wait…It was not the same home we had left early morning.It presented such a disturbing view,as if earthquakes had shaken it,and floods eroded it.The walls were no more,doors were pulled out,windows were out of place,mats were recovered miles away,clothes were hanging on nearby trees,trunks were left empty.People from nearby villages came to help us assemble what was scattered all around.It took us days together to understand what had just happened.I remember those wailings,those cries,those echoes.It is all in my mind,it is all fresh,though I am writing it after 15 years of the incident.Our newly built house was ruined,and with it all our dreams.I remember people around reporting the loss of jewellery, cash and other expensives…We were looted.It was a fake encounter,aimed at looting our village,I understand now.

Meanwhile,I remember how all the stock in the house had all of a sudden exhausted and relatives coming with bags of sugar,tea,and all.

It was Eid tomorrow,the day of celebrations and joy.But it took years for us to believe in joy,and happiness again.My uncle was released after few days.He still carries those torture marks.My grandfather never recovered after that episode.And my house didn’t get a varnish ever since.It has same colours.The same haunting red.We recently filled the holes,ruminants of bullet marks,but never afforded to colour it again!

I feel relieved after jotting it down,as I carried this story for so long.15 years is a way too long.

We were not broken though.It is just a reminder of a greater curse we are through.We are alive and surving.We are Kashmiris!!

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Aojhal Junaid

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Aojhal Junaid