In Your Joy!!

(Love is,undoubtedly,the most common of all subjects that poets tend to write about or reflect on.It is equally the most difficult of the works to give a meaning to words that imply love.Everyone has a different reflection of this theme,and I am no exception.The poem,written below,is about 4 year old,that I accidentally found written on one of my notes.I have eventually edited some of it’s words,because with time things change,so should our words!!)

In your joy rests the peace of my soul,

In your sorrow I feel the pain of the worlds.

In your smile is the key of my locked heart,

In your frown is the distaste of even heavens!!


In your paths is the destiny of my soul,

In my heart is the castle of yours.

In your love is the death of my doubts,

In my hate do you lit the light of tonight…


Distant are the paths that always converge,

Thoughtful is the way you dragged me there,

Unique is the curve of your lovely face,

Elegant the way you talk to my Lord!


I am not the one you could have for yourself! 

Say me a ghost that appears black on this eve.

I am not the tone of your low slow songs,

Call me a mad who wanders in fear…


Justice was done to the shadow I owned,

For millions burnt that in the scorching sun!

Yet remained the soul of trust and love,

But the men of hour seldom know it now!

Compiled By:

Aojhal Junaid 

In Pic :

Aojhal Junaid 


Colours Of Despair!!

What comes as a despair to soul and within
And it turns autumn in the midst of spring
Leaves fall before the bloom of flowers
And sun rushes to hide it’s humiliation
Moon resists to come not naked then
And stars protest the way they keep winking
Birds assume it to be a dull morning
And rest in their abode for another day
Echoes are heard even before the voice
And whispers suggest me a funeral of love
Someone is there in the coffin before
Loosing her name and all she possesed
The dark of this hour has spilled but colours
Colours of despair,colours lifeless
Is she sleeping or pretending to
No,she is dead and hiding herself from herself!!

Written By :

Aojhal Junaid 

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That Morning!!

(A short poem,and a simpler one,fired at audience who don’t like it my other way!!)

I yearn for a morning
When it lits before dawn
Flowers smile even
When pricked by their own thorn
Is it that morning nearing now
My heart beats,veins tearing now!!

Then this sun won’t look shabby
And sky will look darker blue
Zephyr will touch that inner soul
And the horizon will have brighter hue
Won’t birds feel like making noise…
And sing it in their lovely voice!!

Written By:

Aojhal Junaid 

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The Warrior!!

These swords are now blunt
And blood on them turned brown
My shield can’t protect me
And pierced is my gown!!

My arms are feeble
And eyes can’t see
That old lone warrior
I may now never be!

My days are dark
And nights so dull
My words are lame
And my lips lull!

What has brought me here?
To this state of life
I didn’t see my enemy for ages
And never did brush my knife!

I can’t survive this idle
I am a warrior I need war
I can’t be quiet when I can’t
I have come far,very far!

I am the same if you just know
Give me my enemy I will be me
My assaults you won’t survive
I’ll win,and just let it be!

I have to fix some holes though
Yes,my arms need a smithery
My eyes need some more light
Then I’ll give you misery!

Forlorn from wars may be I
But I haven’t forgotten how to fight
My day has come,my enemy
I always had that higher flight!

Don’t think I have given up
And forgiven my enemy
War has begun,war is now
If it is war,then let it be!!


Written By:

Aojhal Junaid 

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Translating Allama Iqbal!!

(These are few lines from Baang e Dara,Sir Mohammad Iqbal’s work.Here I present a translation of it,in simplest expressions possible)

Daleel-e-Subh-e-Roshan Hai Sitaaru’n Ki TunakTaabi…


Ufaq Say Aaftaab Ubhra Gaya Dour-e-Giraa’n Khwaabi…


(Enough Is The Dimness Of Stars,

The Proof Of A Bright Day.

Revelation Of Sun At The Horizon,

And The Era Of Deep Slumbers Has Fled Away!!)


Musalmaa’n Ko Musalmaa’n Kar Diya Tuufaan-e-Maghrib Nay…


Talaatum Haaiy-e-Darya He Say Hai Gohar Ki Saeyrabii!!


(It Made Muslims The Muslims,

The Storms Of The West.

And In The Undulating Waves Of The Waters

Is The Abundance Of Pearls The Best!!)


Hazaaru’n Saal Nargis Apni BayNuuri Pay Roti Hai,,,


Badi Mushkil Say Hota Hai Chaman Mai DeedahWar Paiyda!


(For Thousands Of Years Does She Weep,

The Nargis Devoid Of Charm And Light!

Her Trails,Wails And Struggle,

Hence Is Born The One Worth Sight!!)


Nawa Paira Ho Ay Bulbul Ki Ho Teray Tarannum Say,


Kabuutar Kay Tann-e-Nazuk Mai Shaheen Ka Jigar Paiyda!!

(Burst Into Your Medley,You Nightingale,,,

Your Melody In Every Blink On

May Induce In This Dove,

The Heart Of My Royal Falcon!!)

Original Work:

(Allama)Dr Sir Mohammad Iqbal

Translation By:

Aojhal Junaid 

Photo Credits:


The Fall And The Fate!!

Treading along the path that leaves made
Dried of all their life,looted of their colours
They made it crispy every step
As if kids were breaking some empty nuts
Their bruised show didn’t move me
Nor their cries did I choose to hear
Their raped glory didn’t melt my heart
And I didn’t feel to pray for them!

How can I be so ruthless
With all my emotions
And not even try to feel for them
When all around mourn their fate!
See,I recall their pride,their vanity
When they donned their mother tree
They waved with pride in morning zephyr
When spring and summer was all for them
They never believed in their own fall
Their vision was so narrow and small
They are now under my own feet
Their fate now did they meet!!

As every rise has a fall
We know it now,we know it all
Let we be in our state
And allign ourselves to greater fate
Let joy may not consume us
And sorrow not must fume us
Let our smiles have broad curve
To greater world we greater serve
Let we not be trampled ever
And of pride we be never ever!!

Compiled By :

Aojhal Junaid 

Photo Credits :

Aojhal Junaid 

Her Butterfly!!

(Dedicated to all sisters who are there in the gardens of knowledge)

This breeze passed by my garden
Spring was there to greet us
Flowers had some smiles
And this earth smelled now fresh
It was joy,It really was!

My mom didn’t feel that great
For she knew a greater fate
Her daughter is a butterfly
Who leaves home when spring comes

Butterfly is gone now
Sucking the nectar of knowledge
Her garden is so beautiful
Her friends take her care too!!

But mother isn’t the same way
Her garden is so empty
She feels as if no one is around
When there are we all, and so many

Her daughter is her secret bin
She is her dearest friend
She hugs her every pain
And wishes to do,same till end…

Butterflies are made for garden
Yet they are the ‘nuur’ of their eyes
A mother devours her heart even
For the sake of beauty,sake of garden

Mom is silent in her pain
I can’t dare to console her
Her smiles are locked,we all feel
For keys are but with butterfly…

I don’t know what to pray for?
Should I pray for autumn now
Butterfly will come then home
And return my mom’s smile

Or should I keep with this day
And see my mom all ache everyday
This pain seems consuming her
And all that she is made of!!

Then I asked my mother
About all what I just thought!
She gave me a pretty smile
That just set me on turmoil!

I am not in pain,dear
I am happy that you are near
My butterfly is near too
She pointed towards her heart!

I am mother,I am pains not in pain
I am higher than mountain peaks
I am deeper than oceans
I am mother,I am pains not in pain!

I didn’t understand what she just said
For it was smiles now and pain too
Her butterfly will return someday
And tell me what my mom said!

For she is one who understands
Her every word and every hint
Butterflies are for gardens
And mothers are for butterflies!!

Compiled By :

Aojhal Junaid

Photo Credits: