Tasteless Words!

(Coming Back To The Abandoned Words Is Never Easy But Opposite Is Just Not Possible For The Passionate)

All of a sudden your possessions seem meagre and insecure and your claims turn more hollow than ‘O’.Your lips tremble against your will and your eyes blink at their own whim.Your thoughts come in no smoother form and your acts appear to be opposite to your perception.Your hands wave at unfamiliar ones and your feet head towards none of your destinies.You seem to be occupied,or may be preoccupied or maybe just not,but it obviously seems to be something not too odd to call odd.
In this state of desperation,you seek refuge of your words.
Alas! They have turned tasteless,for they weren’t used for some time now.
Indeed,words lose their taste when kept a bay from their meanings,when not used to express frequently and when stacked upon one another only to build castles,and that too in the cosmos that even angels didn’t give a try to conquer!!


Author: AojhalJunaid

"a rediscovered self,some relentless remarks,a room smelling dry mud,a window facing west,shoulders shrugged,clasped memories,some sugary tears,a few scattered books,hideous looks and a promise to keep"

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