The Three Quotes!! #1

(This is the first installment of my just another project,The Three Quotes.I’ll be posting,occasionally though,some quotes right from my life experiences and reflections.I hope you will be able to relate to them!)

1)”Sometimes it takes years to come out of a moment,and once that’s done life comes to life again!”

2)”When they ask me about time,I reply:

It is now past now,,,And now to now.It is quarter past now,,,It is quarter to now…Well,it is now!

Isn’t it a good way to tell them!!”

3)”Sometimes we feel we are independent and we need no one or nothing to sustain us,but have you ever seen a wheel saying that between two consecutive taps.Had it thought it this way,it would’ve never kept spinning,thus never served the purpose of it’s existence!”

Quotes By:

Aojhal Junaid

Image Credits:

  1. Google
  2. WhatsApp 
  3. Aojhal Junaid 

Author: AojhalJunaid

"...seeking moon,seeing this cloudy night..."

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