(Here I present some hints towards understanding what all I have published so far is about!)


It is about the worth of understanding and accepting your present situation.It tells us to strive and keep going, even if we are going through hell! It relates that we should not torment ourselves by thinking about results and outcomes,rather we must focus on what we are right through!

#The Mirth Of Present 

It symbolizes time with three birds.The birds of past,future and present.The birds of past and future may be beautiful and seducing, but all you have is the bird of present!

#These Tears Mine Are For You!

This one is a painful plea of a boy who just lost his best friend to bullets.It is inspired from the picture taken by Javaid Mir at the martyred boy’s funeral!

#Her Butterfly!

This one is a colourful presentation of a mother-daughter relationship.It tells us about the bond they share,and mother’s sacrifices!

#The Fall And The Fate!

This poem presents a different view of autumn fall.We usually feel so bad for those fallen leaves,and naked trees of autumn and yearn to see them in green again.I,however,see the fall as a punishment for their pride in hey days.It is quite a metaphysical one.It needs a few serious reads!

#A Haunting Episode!

This is a real life tale of early 2000’s.I was barely six then,but the intensity of the episode is so much that I remember it like nothing else.It was painful to write it though!!

#Harry Potter And People Around!!

This one is on a lighter tone.I have tried to potray some of the Harry Potter characters as real life ones.It has a typical Kashmiri tinge of narration,though!

#Translating Allama Iqbal!

Though I am not a poetry student and it takes a lot to understand and interpret Allama Iqbal,but this piece came so natural.I don’t know why,but I feel I fared well!!

#A Day Back At School!!

This is an emotional farewell to my memories associated with my alma mater.I was so occupied by it that it took me four years to come out.I hope I will do better with my life!

#The Warrior!

My name is Junaid.It is an Arabic word,which means a warrior!…So,this one is a sort of address,I fired at myself.Anyone can relate to it,though,instantly!!

#Random Clicks!!

This has some photo elements in it,I clicked.I am not a professional at this,neither do I have better cameras,but I felt better at the comments!

#The Three Quotes #1

These three quotes aren’t mere words.They are stories.They are lives!!

Review By:

Aojhal Junaid(Based on comments from friends and foes!!!)


Author: AojhalJunaid

"a rediscovered self,some relentless remarks,a room smelling dry mud,a window facing west,shoulders shrugged,clasped memories,some sugary tears,a few scattered books,hideous looks and a promise to keep"

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