Random Clicks!!

  • It was March 2017,and winter in Kashmir was over,but suddenly it started to snow again.When I woke up I saw this,and with sleepy eyes got it’s closer look for you!

  • It was captured by my 8 MP camera!

  • This is the best my cameras ever captured.Imagine a chilly winter morning when snow had just stopped to fall,and I left with Kangri under my Feran to the fields nearby.Almost three feet snow,and I waded through it to take this one.

  • The bluish tinge is a natural one,as it was almost minus temperature outside.I helped myself to get as closer as possible to get a perfect shot.It was taken by 8 MP camera!

  • This one is of paddy field,just the day after plantation in June 2016.It was taken just when the sun was set for it’s closing ceremony,as the reflections in water suggest!

  • It was captured by 8 MP camera!

  • The hands in the picture are of my younger brother,Khubaib,who almost touched the sky that day!

  • It reflects the aspirations beyond the constraints of time and resources.

  • Again it is a shot from 8 MP camera,taken just before the sunset that day!!

  • This just may not be the best of peocock images,but I rate it quite high.The reason is that it was taken from a 5 MP camera,and that too 6 years back,when I had just become a proud owner of my first smart phone!

  • It was taken in Jammu Zoo,in the winters of that year.I had got to see a peacock for the first time,then!

(Well,I don’t have luxury of a good camera,but I am happy with what I have!!)

  • Yes,it is me,Aojhal Junaid,and I won’t say that I took this pic!!

Captions and Photos:

Aojhal Junaid


Author: AojhalJunaid

"a rediscovered self,some relentless remarks,a room smelling dry mud,a window facing west,shoulders shrugged,clasped memories,some sugary tears,a few scattered books,hideous looks and a promise to keep"

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