A Day Back In School!!

(​(This one is dedicated to all Eff Emmians.Well,this post revolves around my batch (Batch 2012 Class 10th),but anyone can relate to it,anyways!,))

Yes,You’ve No Right Over Others,But What If They’ve Been A Part Of Your Life,It’s Content,It’s Agenda!!

Sometimes,All Of A Sudden You Are Pricked In The Remotest Corners Of Your Heart,And What Follows Is A Series Of Abstract Events,We Call,Memories!

Memories Are Often Attributed With Something Really Pleasant,And That Has To Be The Spirit Counted.Back A Couple Of Years And We Were A Family Of 91 Students,I Recall!

Boys And Girls,Together,Waiting For Bashir Sir To Come…

Hey What!

It Is A Big Hall In The Upper Storey,But It Is Just Half-Filled Only To Let Some Of The Boys Play An Extra-Ordinary Type Of Cricket,,,Yes,Hitting A Knotted Duster,With Some Fine Plank Of Wood,Very Often A Part Of Wooden Bench,Or That Ugly Chair!!

I Remember Aadil,Khawar,Burhan,Murtaza,Arbaz,,,And Others,Including Me,Caught In The Act…


A Team Of Wrestlers Has Arrived!!

Faizan Majeed,Tawqeer,Waseem,Wamiq And Co. Are Just Repeating What The Initially Mentioned Has Seen,Yesterday,In WWE Wrestlemania!!


Just In The Adjacent Room,Sweetest Of Voices,Ever Heard,Can Be Felt In Beautiful Echo…

Who Is It!!

Yes,Wamiq…You Were The Most Melodious Singer!!

I,Personally,Can Be Thought Sitting In An Isolated Chair,Writing Ghazals,And Singing Them All To Myself…Oh!!

I Have A Reason To Smile,Because Zahid Sultan Is Teasing Shahid,And The Later Is So Shy To Reply…


Sisters Are In Their Own World,The Philosophy Of Which I Never Tried To Explore…

The Mighty Window Panes Can Be Seen Guarded By Samiullah,Faisal,Fayouz And Co. Who Often Debated Some Very Serious Issues!!


Bashir Sir,A Young Man Of 65,Can Be Seen Swiftly Wading Into The Class,And All Of A Sudden Everyone Is Back To The Seat,Closely Placed Near That Group-Leader…

If You Say,Sir Is Smiling,,,Then You Are So Well With Your Eyes…

He Opens His Suitcase,A Gigantic Geometry Box,And Carefully Fills His Marker With Blackest Of All Inks…

He Amazes You With Every Move,And That’s Talent And Experience,Conglomerate…

Wait,He Is Pointing Towards Someone!!

And What Will Follow Has To Be The Most Precise Slap In The World,Which Is As Musical As Are The Compositions Of AR.Rahman…


The Class Is Over,And Here Enters Our Shabir Sir,The History Teacher…

He Is Such A Lovely Guy,Often Didactic In His Teaching…

But,If It Is Any Example,Then It Has To Be His Village,The Centre Of That Event…


Class Over,And In That Stripped T-Shirt,Which Is White On Other Days,Comes My English Teacher,Javaid Sir,,,

Hey,A Couple Of Students Have Already Fled Away!

They’ll Come,But After 40 Minutes,,,

As The Class Progresses,I Can Feel My Classmates Done With Their Energy,,,Many Of Them Are Sleeping,Some Even Snoring,,,And Rest,Except Me,In The Flight Mode-Sleeping With Open Eyes…


When It Is Notes Time,I Can Hear Faisal Saying,”Sir Chu Aasan Dictionary Manz Sarevei Khout Sakh Word Cshadaan,Patei Chu Leakhaan Sentence…”


Well,Next Class Is Biology,Tawseef Sir Will Cut Some Jokes,And Give A Perfectly Planned Lecture,Only To Get Feedback As “Sir Chu Higher Padnaawan…”



Lunch Break!!


Everyone Has That Brown-Sheeted Urdu Copy In His Hand Memorizing Something Like Dastaan,Ghazal,Afsaana,Munshi Prem Chand,Deputy Nazir Etc



Sher Manzoor Ahmed Shahbaadi,The Urdu Teacher,Comes And It Is Like…

(Sher Sir,Aasif Sir,Rasheed Sir,Tawseef Sir,Aashiq Sir,???,Parvaiz Sir)

Sir : Fayouz! “Kya Chuth Yaad Kourmut??”

Fayouz: Sir,”Afsaana!”


Sir: “Adei Boznaw Teli Nawlei Hund Doyim Para!!”


Fayouz : Taiee!!



And Then Sir Will Pick Up His Regular Customers,And Make Some Hilarious Comments!!


It Is The Last Class,And Mukhtar Sir Comes,Takes Up A Topic,Reaches It’s Climax And Then Says “Leave It Aside…”



The Day Has Come To An End,And The Students Of Bus Number 5 And 7 Would Be Called First…Followed By Locals…

I’ll Leave With Knowledge In My Bag,And Memories In My Heart And A Belief Somewhere In The Middle That Tomorrow I’ll Be Back In My Family…



That Was A Re-Lived School Day…

I Hope You Enjoyed…

Without Much More Adjustable Additions,I Wind It Up Like I Did It On That Farewell Day…

Tears In The Eyes,And Lips Trembling To Utter-


Kisi Goshayay Chaman Mai… —


(Members of flying squad…they came during exam days!…G R Sir,Parvaiz Sir,Nazir Sir And G H Dar Sir)

(Parvaiz Sir,Aashiq Sir,The Man Himself Nazir Ahmed Kuchay Sir,???,G H Dar Sir)

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Aojhal Junaid 

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Author: AojhalJunaid

"a rediscovered self,some relentless remarks,a room smelling dry mud,a window facing west,shoulders shrugged,clasped memories,some sugary tears,a few scattered books,hideous looks and a promise to keep"

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