Harry Potter And People Around!!

(This is Harry Potter time here.This post is a shorter and readable version of ‘relation with Harry Potter series’,fired at audience who wished to study at Hogwarts,but just couldn’t,for the wall on the railway station was never that cosy!!)

(What Harry and Dumbledore with Lestrange and Voldemort!!

Harry,!We never thought you would do this to us!!)


Here we go!!
We all had that feeling of being Harry Potter somewhere down the lane.Our wish to own his smile,innocence and of course that magical wand is a collective fantasy of us,all.We don’t see many Harry Potters around.People aren’t that smart,charismatic or at least true and sympathetic as he is.The Harry Potters around are a cheat.Their false smiles and manufactured innocence erodes away,once the times of test arrive at doors!

Well,you do wish to have a Hermoine Granger around,or be one.When we see Hermoine Grangers around,it is obvious to feel envious or jealous.’How the hell can you…?’ type of feeling comes at that time.Like how the hell can you appear in all classes and don’t even feel to bunk a class,and still be so pretty?…How the hell you remember all those formulae and procedures,when you were with me all the time,all this week? How the hell did you break the rule,you just taught to obey other day?…Well,we don’t have many Hermoines around,but the ones there are enough actually!!

You want a sidekick,you want Ron Weasley around.There are many Ron Weasleys around,clueless and faithful,I say.They don’t study much,neither do they want to think about it.They just need you around,even if you take them into hell called library or adventures of forbidden forests!…They are like typical Kashmiri….’Hayyy Boiiii…..Hayyy Boiii….’type of people.They make things good,and happy go!!

Well,you do feel like Hermoine should have been made for Harry,not Ron,but I am not in a state to add more to it,though!!

No,it is hard to have Dumbledores around.A grandfatherly sort of figure,witty and religious.I think he maybe loosely related to a pious Peer Soub type of person-a guide,a sage.But I do fear to add to his character,for we have Gulzar Peers around!!

Now,if you are in a college or school,then Proffessor Severes Snape has to be there to confuse you and feel like ‘Yi Cha Meaii Vuchan,Kineh Govv!!’type of a thing.He will be spotted with your “enemy teachers and mates”taking selfies,but next moment he will tell you his own tale.It is hard to know about them,whom are they inclined to,and what they actually mean by their smile.Is it a sign of love,or a masked grin?…Also,these people won’t ever spot you when you would come out of ‘Masjid’,but will be omnipresent to catch you at the other ‘bad avenues’ you occasionally visit!!…They are what they just aren’t!

Well,We wish we had Hagrids around,life would be better actually.Those fat ,but cute,uncles ,usually jobless and unmarried,around would make Hagrids.They come down to your age and fail not to talk mature.You wish they had more organised beard and hair,and change their ‘Feran’ or coat,but they just wont.They are beautiful the way they are,and they do console you best,when you get lower marks in your tests!!

Wooh!There are so many of them,Draco Malfoys.Your evil competitors.No word of guidance can set them right,and no ‘Waaz Khwaan’ will bring them to tears.They are just composed of hate and arrogance.Sometimes you feel,they are accidentally in 46 chromosome category.They are a different,wicked species!You can’t avoid them,actually,and that is the problem!!

You are in a school or college, and you have Proffessor Lockhart there.Irritating man,with false stories…You feel like,”Khudaya Reham….Yi Kya Wanan?”In his 45 minutes of class,he talks about his childhood adventures,and stunts on social networking sites,or maybe his association with some celebrity.What hurts you more is that he has got a following,a large one!!

There is always someone you lost in life or just lost correspondence to.There is always a friend like that,for there is always Cedric Diggory!

(Well,there are many other characters I wish to relate here,but I need to know if my audience feel like reading that stuff.I will be more than pleased to see your comment down here,or under the link on Facebook or elsewhere!!)

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Aojhal Junaid

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"a rediscovered self,some relentless remarks,a room smelling dry mud,a window facing west,shoulders shrugged,clasped memories,some sugary tears,a few scattered books,hideous looks and a promise to keep"

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