The Mirth Of Present!

See,that bird of past
Chirping like her mate
The songs that have no taste
The noises she doesn’t fear to make.

The colour of her feathers
Reminds me of my father’s oven
The one which eats wood
And makes ashes after burn.

The way she walks is lame
Her gait is like my drunk aunt
Who existed in my stories
When even anger would flaunt.

She is begging for mercy
Her words are not so clear
She would love to take some sips
But for her is no elixir!!

Comes that jolly bird of future
Dancing on her own rhyme
Feeling as if all is her’s
And has won the race with time

Her feathers look so bright
And her voice bit in state
Her gait is not that great
But she is on a date with her fate!

Came the winds so gushing fast
For this bird failed to stay
The colour of her feathers was wiped off
By the rains that were at a bay!!

Her voice choked
So did her song
Her pride had a fall
That she kept for so long!!

Appeared the bird of present
Simple,solemn with no tricks
Her feathers had only seven colours
And her choice wasn’t of better picks!

Her gait wasn’t one made up
And feathers didn’t have false tinges
Her voice was so natural
Consistent with adjoining fringes!!

The mirthful bird of present
Is admixture of joy and sorrow
It has all for real now
And doesn’t need anything for borrow!!

I love her so much as much so
The bird of present is all I have
I won’t cheat on her anyway
For she is what I will ever have!!
Compiled By:

Aojhal Junaid

Photo Credits:

Aojhal Junaid 


Author: AojhalJunaid

"a rediscovered self,some relentless remarks,a room smelling dry mud,a window facing west,shoulders shrugged,clasped memories,some sugary tears,a few scattered books,hideous looks and a promise to keep"

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